Our Services

Partnering with CEREF:

The capabilities and the assets that CEREF can bring to clean energy projects are built upon CEREF’s own experience and the experience and capabilities of its staff at Technology Transition Corporation and other supporting consultants.


  • Clean energy events, small and large
    • Creation, Management and Execution
    • Exhibit Services
    • Sponsorship
    • Agenda Planning
    • Registration
    • Poster Sessions
    • Clean Energy Issue study and reporting
    • Assembling study team
    • Managing research contractors
    • Report Production
  • Industry data studies
    • Jobs
    • Geographic location
    • Relationship to Congressional offices
  • Student Contests and other educational competitions
    • Collaborative contest design
    • Sponsorship
    • Fulfillment of contest winner prizes
  • Conducting clean energy, purpose-driven fundraising campaigns

Assets Available from CEREF and its Staff :

  • 501c3 for foundation funding and charitable deductions
  • Extensive clean energy relations and contact database
  • Experience experience in industry technology commercialization
  • Experience in national and state policy maker education efforts